Thursday, November 18, 2010

Above my tackles there is a row of baskets. One of these baskets contains "themed" embellishments

I have plastic bags with things like "Family", "Girl Stuff", "Friends" and others. Everything is grouped by category

Having 2 boys (9 and 6) my "Boys-Children" embellishment bag is pretty full :-)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I LOVE my Scrapbook Room!

Here's a picture of my scrapbook desk! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this desk. The top is a counter top that was made for a kitchen island, designed the desk around it

Here's a close-up of my desk top with my FAVORITE organizer - My tackle boxes!!!

I bought these at Dick's sporting goods years ago (they were ugly fishing tackle boxes) and I just painted them to match my room! I organize my embellishments by color (Thank you Stacy Julian!! If you didn't see my post on my home page about her book, go and look now :-)

I have 1-2 containers for each color (I have boys, so there's lots of green and blue :-)

These sit on my shelf in reach from my chair and I just pull down the colors I am working with at the time. Organizing by color in the beginning is kind of a pain, because you have to separate everything, but it is so totally worth it!! I use more of my "stash"...older product I've had for a while and may not have looked for, but there it is - the perfect addition to my "purple" layout!

One tip-I used clear cauk at the bottom of the plastic inserts - to make sure they didn't pull up and all of my little embellishments went all over the place!

Tip of the day-Organize by Color, fall in love with your embellishments all over again!